Behold The John Daly Hat Trick: No Shoes, Cigarette In Mouth, And Pounding A Post-Drive Beer

One day after Sergio Garcia finally won a major golf tournament this weekend, John Daly took home bragging rights from the 23rd annual Hootie & the Blowfish (true story!) Monday After the Masters Celebrity Pro-Am (website: hootiegolf.com). I have no idea if he won the tournament or not, that doesn’t really concern us. What concerns us is Daly’s performance in the Tee Off Barefoot from a Beer Can While Smoking a Cigarette Competition, and he fuckin’ nailed it.

Look at the speed and alacrity with which Daly responds when he senses his beer can is in danger. He hops into action, like a mother lifting a car off her trapped child, and scoops up the fallen beer without dropping his club or losing his smoke. He was locked in.

The event, held at the appropriately named Barefoot Resort’s Dye Club for the 15th year running, features all manner of celebrities like Joey Fatone and the man of legendary journeys himself, Kevin Sorbo, as well as pro golfers and spectators who are definitely not referred to as “patrons.”

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