John Wall Put On A G-D Clinic With 15 Points In The Third Quarter

Remember when the Wizards were boring AF? Yeah, me neither. Whatever five-season, playoff-less slump they had a couple of years ago seems to have been washed away, as they’re taking it to this year’s Eastern Conference playoffs with some vengeance. That vengeance is being dished up by a certain chef named John Wall—and it’s spicy.

Wall has had a pretty spectacular season with 23.1 PPG, but he seems intent on racking that up in just a quarter, as he knocked down 15 points in the third against the No. 5 Atlanta Hawks in Game 1. It’s hard to come up with a list of things he doesn’t do in this series: he’s driving, spinning, dishing, feinting, reverse-laying up, no-looking dunking, ooping alleys, draining deep threes, and bewitching shots to take a favorable bounce—all while embarrassing his defenders. Good goddamn (can I say that on Easter?), this man is running this clinic.

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